4CRisk.ai Launches Ask ARIA Co-Pilot to Revolutionize Conversational AI for the Enterprise

4CRisk.ai Launches Ask ARIA Co-Pilot to Revolutionize Conversational AI for the Enterprise


Submitted by: Yolande McDonald of 4CRisk.ai

Contributor Press Release - AI-powered risk and compliance company 4CRisk.ai is excited to announce its newest product, Ask ARIA Co-Pilot, a highly intuitive, accurate Conversational AI for first, second and third-line professionals. 4CRisk.ai uses language models trained on risk, compliance, and regulatory corpora with an informational retrieval component based on role-based access controls to create this safe, closed-domain, highly reliable Conversational AI tool.

Ask ARIA Co-Pilot provides up-to-date, contextually relevant answers to complex queries covering enterprise information: compliance artifacts, policy, procedures, contracts, standards, and controls, by analyzing an organization’s documents and obligations to answer day-to-day business questions – saving up to 90% of time and effort spent on questions that require research or clarification.

First-line business operations, second-line compliance and risk professionals, risk analysts, policy owners, and authors, among many others, may use Ask ARIA Co-Pilot to refer to documents such as policies and procedures based on enterprise obligations and standards.

Top-line benefits for enterprise teams include:

  • First and Second-Line User Empowerment: by providing an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for retrieving information, to serve customers, partners and colleagues, Ask ARIA Co-Pilot enhances team productivity and self-sufficiency.​
  • Subject Matter Expert Time Optimization: by automating responses to common inquiries, team members can focus on more strategic tasks and complex problem-solving, helping organizations improve and grow.​
  • Increase Insights: through analytics gathered from user queries, organizations can identify gaps in knowledge, areas for policy or procedure improvement, and training needs – ultimately enhancing overall effectiveness.​
  • Enhanced Trust and Loyalty: Explainable and transparent answers foster trust and acceptance among employees, partners and customers.

Venky Yerrapotu, Co-Founder and CEO at 4CRisk.ai, remarked, “We are extremely pleased with Ask ARIA Co-Pilot’s ability to accelerate the productivity of risk and compliance teams with ground-breaking, private, and secure AI. Organizations can now focus on getting the right information to the right people at the right time.”

Shwetha Shantharam, Senior Director, Product Management, at 4CRisk.ai, commented, “Ask ARIA Co-Pilot envisions a future where every organization operates with an intelligent communication infrastructure, empowering employees of all levels with instant access to information, streamlining workflows, and providing data-driven insights for continuous improvement. Ask ARIA Co-Pilot emphasizes the transformative potential of conversational AI, not just as a tool for information retrieval, but as a platform that fosters a culture of learning, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making within organizations.”

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