FCA unveils ambitious plans for 2024-25 to deliver better outcomes for consumers and markets

The FCA's Business Plan for 2024-25 outlines an ambitious program of work to achieve better outcomes for consumers and markets, building on progress made in previous years.

Four individuals charged by FCA in £3.9 million unauthorized investment scheme fraud case

Four individuals are charged by the FCA for running an unauthorised investment scheme that defrauded investors out of £3.9 million through misleading information and false promises about water extraction and bottled water production.

Cooperation and Coordination between UK Financial Authorities: An Assessment of the Memorandum of Understanding

The Bank of England, Financial Conduct Authority, Prudential Regulation Authority, and Payment Systems Regulator have concluded that statements and forms agreed upon are continuing to work well, but plans to improve the sharing of information and data continue for further cooperation.

FCA Fines Inspirational Financial Management and Bans Advisers for Poor Pension Transfer Advice

The Financial Conduct Authority has fined Inspirational Financial Management Ltd £897,840 for poorly advising clients to transfer out of defined benefit pension schemes and has banned two individuals associated with the firm from giving pension transfer advice.

Money Launderer and Ex-Solicitor Sentenced for Failing to Pay £33,500 Confiscation Order

Dale Robert Walker, a money launderer and ex-solicitor, has fully satisfied his confiscation order after serving a sentence of 62 days for previously failing to pay.

Prioritizing Diversity and Inclusion in Financial Services: the Role of Regulators

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will prioritize proposals to promote diversity and inclusion within financial firms, following the recommendations of a Committee that highlights the link between diversity and improved governance, decision making, and risk management.

FCA Shifts Focus to Suspected Criminal Offences in Case Against WealthTek LLP and Its Founder

The FCA has paused their civil case to focus on investigating suspected criminal offences by Mr Dance and WealthTek LLP.