IT Security & Privacy

SEC Approves Revised Privacy Act Rule to Enhance Clarity and Accessibility

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has given its stamp of approval to a revised rule aimed at enhancing the agency's regulations under the Privacy Act. The Privacy Act is a foundational law governing the management of personal information within the federal government. This move is set to provide greater clarity, accessibility, and efficiency in handling privacy-related matters at the SEC.

Clorox Grapples with Cyberattack Impact, Raising Concerns Over Product Shortages

The Clorox Company, renowned for its household brands like Burt's Bees, Glad, and Pine-Sol, is currently facing significant disruptions following a recent cybersecurity attack. This attack has cast a shadow over the availability of Clorox products, potentially contributing to shortages in the market.

Caesars Palace and MGM Resorts International Hit by Cyberattacks, No Disruption in Casino Operations

In a concerning turn of events for the Las Vegas gambling industry, Caesars Entertainment has revealed that it fell victim to a cyberattack, following similar news from rival company MGM Resorts International. Although both companies have suffered data breaches, they assured federal regulators that their casino and online operations remain undisturbed.

Dutch Consumer Groups Sue Google Over Privacy Concerns

Two prominent Dutch consumer advocacy groups, the Privacy Protection Foundation and Consumentenbond, have filed a privacy lawsuit against Google, alleging "constant surveillance" and the sharing of personal data in its targeted advertising auctions. The lawsuit, initially announced in May, has garnered significant support, with approximately 82,000 individuals signing up to participate. It was officially filed in the Amsterdam District Court and is open to any Netherlands resident who has used Google services since March 2012.

Irish Data Protection Commission Announces €345 Million Fine Imposed on TikTok

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) has concluded its inquiry into TikTok Technology Limited (TTL), resulting in a substantial fine of €345 million for the social media giant. The investigation revolved around TikTok's handling of personal data related to child users during a specified period.

Google Reaches $93 Million Privacy Settlement with California

Google has agreed to pay a substantial $93 million settlement to the state of California, bringing an end to a lawsuit that accused the tech giant of misleading consumers about its location tracking practices. The settlement, announced on Thursday, signifies a step towards reinforcing privacy protections in the digital age.

"BfDI Assesses GDPR as a European Model of Success in Ensuring Improved Data Protection Enforcement"

The BfDI assesses the GDPR as a successful European model of improved enforcement, establishing a new standard worldwide with challenge in particular with regards to the regulation of new technologies like AI.