Marie-Laure Denis Reappointed as President of CNIL for a New 5-Year Term in 2024

Marie-Laure Denis has been reappointed Chair of the CNIL for a five-year term, following the favourable opinions of the Law Committees and a decree by the President of the French Republic.

CNIL Issues Decision Against Uber for Breaches of GDPR

The CNIL has reached a decision that the Uber platform failed to fulfill its obligations regarding transparency and respecting data subject rights, highlighting the importance of these obligations.

This Year's Priority Investigation Topics from the CNIL

The CNIL will prioritize investigations into the collection of data for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, data collected online from minors, loyalty programs and electronic sales receipts, and the right of access for individuals, in order to protect privacy and ensure compliance with GDPR.

Call for Submissions: 3rd CNIL Privacy Research Day - Exploring the Complexities of Privacy and Personal Data Protection

The CNIL is calling for research submissions on privacy and personal data protection in various fields, to foster collaboration and advance understanding of the impacts of regulation and technologies on individuals and society.

CNIL imposes 100,000 euro fine on PAP for GDPR breaches

The CNIL imposed a 100,000 euro fine on the company PAP for breaches of GDPR regulations regarding data retention, information provided to individuals, contractual obligations, and data security on their real estate advertisement website.

CNIL Publishes How-To Sheets to Help Professionals Reconcile Innovation with Respect for People's Rights.

The CNIL has released how-to sheets to help professionals make AI more respectful of individuals' rights, which will be subject to public consultation until November 16th, 2023.

CNIL Closes Injunction Against VOODOO for Violation of French Data Protection Act

The French data privacy agency CNIL has closed its injunction against the mobile game publisher VOODOO, issued on December 29th 2022, for having obtained user consent to use an IDFV identifier.