Third-Party & Supply Chain

Greater Manchester Police Investigating Third-Party Data Breach Following Ransomware Attack

A significant third-party data breach has exposed the personal information of officers and staff at the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) in the United Kingdom. The breach, which is currently under investigation, underscores the growing risk of third-party vulnerabilities in today's digital landscape.

Freight Industry Faces Unprecedented Challenges Amidst Sluggish Shipping Season

In most years, the time from midsummer into midfall is the time that most companies start pumping more of their goods down the pipelines of their supply chains to get ahead of the curve for the retail rush that begins with back-to-school shopping and runs through the holidays into post-holiday sales. However, in a year where shipping numbers have already been significantly low, largely due to overstocked inventories at the end of 2022, there has been no ramp up to peak shipping season on which to speak of thus far.

U.S. Treasury and OFAC Launch Extensive Sanctions Targeting Russia's Industrial Supply Chain

In a resolute move aimed at further crippling Russia's capacity to wage war on Ukraine, the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has announced a sweeping set of sanctions targeting Russian elites, the country's industrial base, financial institutions, and technology suppliers. This substantial escalation of sanctions comes as part of the United States' broader strategy to leverage economic restrictions against Russia's ongoing aggression in Ukraine.

Greek Shipping Company Fined $2.4 Million for Attempted Iranian Oil Smuggling

A Greek shipping company has admitted guilt in a case of smuggling sanctioned Iranian crude oil and has agreed to pay a hefty fine of $2.4 million, according to recently unsealed U.S. court documents reported by The Associated Press. The case revolves around Empire Navigation and, as part of the plea agreement, the company faces three years of probation.

Data Breach at UK Military Contractor Raises Concerns Over Third-Party Risks

A recent data breach at a UK military contractor has once again highlighted the risks associated with legacy systems and third-party vendors. The breach, attributed to the LockBit ransomware group, compromised a Windows 7 computer at the industrial operations of Zaun, a Wolverhampton-based company specializing in the design and manufacturing of mesh fencing systems used to secure UK military bases and intelligence sites.

Yellow Corp. Shuts Down after 99 Years in Business, Sending Ripples Through Freight Industry and Supply Chains

The legacy of Yellow's shutdown and its Impact on the freight industry, the market, and supply chains as a whole, in the midst of what looks to be a historically slow year for the shipping business.

Cyber Attack on UK's Metropolitan Police Exposes Third-Party Vulnerabilities

The United Kingdom's largest regional police force, the Metropolitan Police, known as "The Met," is grappling with the aftermath of a supply chain cyber attack that has once again highlighted the significant vulnerabilities posed by third-party vendors in the realm of cybersecurity.