"Review of Later Life Mortgage Firms by Financial Conduct Authority Leads to Improvements and Removals of Misleading Promotions"

The FCA has released a review of later life mortgage firms, leading to improvement in advice processes and removal or amendment of almost 400 misleading promotions.

The FCA's Initial Data Exercise on Bank Account Access and Closures

The FCA has released initial findings on bank access and closures, and will be doing further work to verify data, examine information provided, and address gaps in the data.

"Don't Get Played: FCA Raises Awareness of High-Risk Investment Hype with Innovative Cinema Advert"

The FCA has released an ad referencing online forums to raise awareness of the risk associated with speculative investment due to hype.

Protecting Consumers: FCA Issues Ultimatum to Insurance Firms on Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Products

The FCA has warned insurance firms that they must take action to prove customers are getting a fair deal for GAP insurance or face further regulatory intervention.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Financial Services: Regulatory Proposals

The FCA and PRA have proposed new rules and guidance to increase diversity and inclusion in regulated financial services firms, aimed at promoting better internal governance, decision making, and risk management.

"New Rules Require Cryptoasset Firms To Market Clearly and Accurately to Consumers Starting October 8th"

The FCA will be enforcing new rules from October 8th to make marketing of cryptoasset products clearer and more accurate and ban incentives such as 'refer a friend' bonuses.

FCA Introduces New Screening Checks to Help Consumers Save, Invest and Borrow with Confidence

The FCA is introducing new screening checks to ensure the accuracy and fairness of financial adverts, so that people can make informed decisions about their finances.