Improving Competition in the Savings Market: 14-Point Plan Update

The FCA is analysing the information banks and building societies have provided in regards to the value of their saving products, with updates to be published this autumn, alongside a 14-point action plan for ensuring people can access a competitive savings market.

Role of Fund Manager Boards and Senior Managers in Assessing Value for Money for Investors

The FCA has found that while some fund managers have better practices in place, some still require improvement in value assessments for investors, with boards and senior managers responsible for ensuring they are focused on offering better value for money.

The Halving of Interest-Only Mortgages: An Overview of the FCA's Research Findings

The number of interest-only and part-interest-only mortgages have halved since 2015, with those remaining encouraged to speak to their lenders about repayment plans.

Implementing the Travel Rule for Cryptoassets in the UK

The Travel Rule is a requirement for cryptoasset businesses in the UK to collect, verify and share information about cryptoasset transfers mandated by money laundering legislation in July 2022.

FCA Announces Three New Chairs of Market Practitioner, Practitioner and Listing Authority Advisory Panels

The FCA has appointed Clare Woodman, Matt Hammerstein and Mandy Gradden to lead the Markets Practitioner Panel, Practitioner Panel, and Listing Authority Advisory Panel respectively, with a view to better representing firms, markets and consumers.

UK Court Imposes £562,636 Confiscation Order on Richard Faithfull for Money-Laundering Criminal Activity

The FCA has imposed a Confiscation Order of £562,636 against Richard Faithfull following his conviction in 2021 for laundering proceeds from overseas investment frauds, with the funds to be used to compensate victims.

"FCA Sets Out 14-Point Action Plan to Ensure Banks and Building Societies Pass Savings Rate Rises to Savers Fairly"

The FCA has issued a 14-point action plan to ensure banks and building societies are passing on interest rate rises to savers appropriately, while also working to promote competition in the cash savings market.