Last Call for Views on Online Behavioral Advertising: UK's Data Protection Watchdog Warns of Impending Enforcement Action

The ICO invites stakeholders to share their views on a potential enforcement action for organizations that do not comply with laws regarding user data protection in advertising.

394 People Notified of Possible Data Breach in London Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime website

MOPAC accidentally exposes personal information of 394 people who had filed complaints through two forms on their website.

Empowering Trust: UK GDPR Data Protection Certification Scheme for Legal Service Providers

The introduction of certification schemes for legal service providers under the UK GDPR helps them demonstrate compliance with data protection requirements and reassure clients of their commitment to safeguarding personal data.

ICO Chief Warns of Trust Erosion in AI by 2024 - Calls on Tech Developers to Prioritize Privacy

John Edwards, the UK Information Commissioner, is warning that 2024 could be the year people lose trust in AI and calling on tech developers to embed privacy into their products from the start.

Majority of UK Websites Now Compliant with Cookie Regulations After Mass Call to Action

Many UK websites have taken immediate action to become cookie compliant after receiving a message from the digital advocacy group Open Rights Group.

ICO Welcomes Government Changes to Safeguard Access to Immigration Data

Amendments to government regulations have been made to provide clearer safeguards and prevent abuse in the access to information held about potential vulnerable individuals within the immigration system, according to the Information Commissioner's Office.

Advisory Notice Issued by the Information Commissioner Aimed at Preventing Personal Data Breaches Due to Freedom of Information Act Requests

The Information Commissioner has issued an advisory notice calling on public authorities to immediately end the use of original source excel spreadsheets when responding publicly to FOI requests in order to avoid personal data breaches.