Deloitte Strengthens ESG Initiatives with Informatica and Workiva Collaboration

Deloitte Strengthens ESG Initiatives with Informatica and Workiva Collaboration

In a strategic move to bolster environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, Deloitte has expanded its partnerships with Informatica and Workiva. This collaboration aims to provide clients with robust ESG implementation and data management capabilities, combining the strengths of Informatica's AI-powered Intelligent Data Management Cloud platform and Workiva's cloud-based regulatory reporting offering.

The integrated reporting solution is designed to accelerate ESG deployments, offering precise and verifiable data alignment with regulatory requirements. Deloitte, with its deep technological, operational, and domain expertise, seeks to simplify ESG enablement and implementation at scale, addressing challenges faced by organizations in measuring their environmental impact.

As ESG becomes increasingly critical for growth and competitive advantage, the alliance aims to empower businesses with accurate data for transparent reporting and regulatory compliance. The move reflects a broader industry trend recognizing data management as a cornerstone for meaningful progress in the evolving ESG landscape.

The collaboration aligns with Deloitte's commitment to delivering quality sustainability transformation and leveraging cutting-edge technology through alliances with Informatica and Workiva. As organizations navigate the complexities of ESG deployment and compliance, this ecosystem seeks to foster adherence to regulatory and legal requirements, build trust through transparent disclosure, mitigate risks, and align responsible business practices with societal values for a positive environmental contribution.

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