FINRA Fines LPL Financial $3 Million for Compliance Failures: Senior Citizens Among the Affected

FINRA Fines LPL Financial $3 Million for Compliance Failures: Senior Citizens Among the Affected


The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc. (FINRA) has imposed a $3 million fine on LPL Financial for significant compliance failures, resulting in two financial advisors misappropriating $2.4 million from 13 clients, primarily senior citizens. The advisors, whose names were not disclosed in the settlement, engaged in deceptive practices from May 2018 to August 2020, wherein they siphoned clients' funds by directing them to write checks or make wire transfers to entities they controlled. The two advisors acted independently of each other, according to FINRA.

The regulatory body accused LPL of neglecting to establish an adequate supervisory system for monitoring customer fund transfers and responding effectively to warning signs of potential financial misconduct. The lack of oversight allowed the unauthorized diversion of client funds, causing severe financial harm to the affected clients.

One of the advisors allegedly utilized approximately $550,000 of client funds to cover personal and business expenses. Meanwhile, the other advisor misappropriated nearly $1.9 million from clients, with a significant portion used to purchase real estate, as per FINRA's findings.

Moreover, FINRA revealed that from January 2018 to January 2022, LPL failed to maintain a supervisory system capable of detecting instances of signature forgery or falsification. During this period, more than 50 LPL sales representatives electronically signed another person's name on over 1,000 LPL documents, including those that were essential records for the firm. One such incident was an electronic forgery on a wire transfer request form in August 2020.

In response to FINRA's findings, LPL Financial accepted the regulatory body's conclusions without admission or denial of guilt. Additionally, as part of the settlement, LPL will pay restitution of $100,000, along with interest, to compensate the affected clients for their financial losses resulting from the compliance failures.

Implications for Compliance and Investor Protection

This case sheds light on critical compliance and governance issues faced by financial institutions, particularly in safeguarding the interests of vulnerable investors, such as senior citizens. The FINRA enforcement action against LPL Financial carries significant implications for the broader financial industry and reinforces the importance of robust compliance and risk management practices:

  • Review and strengthen existing supervisory systems to detect and prevent potential fraud and misappropriation of client funds.
  • Implement enhanced monitoring and reporting procedures to respond promptly to red flags and unusual activities.
  • Conduct thorough due diligence and risk assessments when onboarding new financial advisors or representatives.
  • Provide comprehensive training to employees on identifying and reporting suspicious activities.

This enforcement action emphasizes the need for continuous improvement in compliance practices, ensuring investor protection, and fostering trust and confidence in the financial services industry. By adopting robust compliance measures, financial institutions can proactively address risks and uphold their fiduciary duty to safeguard client assets and interests.