CNIL Publishes How-To Sheets to Help Professionals Reconcile Innovation with Respect for People's Rights.

The CNIL has released how-to sheets to help professionals make AI more respectful of individuals' rights, which will be subject to public consultation until November 16th, 2023.

CNIL Closes Injunction Against VOODOO for Violation of French Data Protection Act

The French data privacy agency CNIL has closed its injunction against the mobile game publisher VOODOO, issued on December 29th 2022, for having obtained user consent to use an IDFV identifier.

CNIL Fines GROUPE CANAL+ €600,000 for Various GDPR and CPCE Violations

The French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) fined GROUPE CANAL+ 600,000 euros for failing to comply with its obligations regarding commercial prospecting and the rights of individuals.

CNIL Imposes 200,000 Euro Fine on SAF LOGISTICS for Breaching GDPR

The CNIL imposed a fine of 200 000 euros on SAF LOGISTICS for collecting too much data from its employees and not cooperating enough with the CNIL services.

Data Protection, Freedoms and the Environment: Exploring the Overlaps in the CNIL's 9th IP Report.

The CNIL's report "Data, Footprints and Freedoms" explores the connection between data protection, freedoms and environmental protection, proposing solutions for how to reconcile the two objectives.

Closing of Injunction Against Google LLC and GOOGLE IRELAND LIMITED by the CNIL Restricted Committee

The CNIL's restricted committee has closed the injunction issued on 31 December 2021 against Google LLC and GOOGLE IRELAND LIMITED, requiring them to allow users to refuse cookies easily, while reserving the right to audit their compliance with French data protection law in the future.

CNIL Sandbox Call for Projects: Artificial Intelligence for the Benefit of Public Services

The CNIL is offering a new "sandbox" for three projects which use artificial intelligence for the public good, and the call for applications is open until 30 September 2023.